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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Craft Diva Strikes Again

It's been a very creative season this year.  My little craft diva is really enjoying all the creativity.  We've been working on some projects together and she's done a couple herself.  Mostly we've been working on candle projects, inspired by some of the candles on my Holiday Candles post.

My Craft Diva found the metal wreath thingies at Goodwill.  Believe it or not, they are aluminum pop tops weaved together with ribbons - very cool!  The candles were made from ordinary white candles covered with red acrylic paint and modpodge rolled in Epsom salts.  The balls were repurposed styrofoam from old thread covered ornaments.

I tried out the ribbon covered candles - easy concept - strips of ribbon glued to the sides of a glass candle.  It was very time consuming, though, and I'm a little nervous about the ends of the ribbons catching on fire or the heat from the candle melting the glue.  It is pretty, so maybe I just won't ever burn the candle.

The Craft Diva has tried out her own projects too.  We bought some pink and purple crepe paper (because you know Advent is pink and purple) and did some mache on a glass candle holder using a watered down glue.  They turned out really pretty and were so easy!

Finally, I came home tonight to a little project she did with glue on construction paper and salt:

She specifically asked for this one to be featured on Mom's blog.  Here's to you Craft Diva!