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Friday, December 30, 2011

My Personal Best of 2011

Unlike many people, I am ending 2011 feeling rather satisfied with the year.  2011 was the year in which I regained (or found) my emotional stability.  It was also the year I embraced the fact that I am getting older (although I'm not sure these two things were related).  I also had three jobs this year, each one better than the last.  I started writing this blog in June of 2011 and I'm really enjoying it.  Thanks to my friend Katie (SongsKateSang) for suggesting it.  While I don't have a full year to choose from, here are several posts I am proud to say I wrote.  I've divided them into three categories: 

1.  Craft projects:  I personally like the "No Sew Bed Canopy" I made earlier this year because I thought of most of it myself.  Mackenzie still loves it, which is a sure sign of a successful project for a kid.  The most popular craft project in terms of hits is definitely my first Rag Quilt.  I made it before I started writing this blog and I thought there must be a lot of rag quilts out there, but evidently not.  I'm also fond of the "Scrap Fall Wreath" which can also be adapted for any time of year.

2.  Reflective/inspirational/philosophical/religious posts:  I'm very proud of "Musings of an Older Mom".  Of all the things I have written, I would recommend it to women in their 20's and 30's raising preschool children; not so much for your kids, but for you.  Some of my other favorites are  "Chats with God", and "A Woman of Value."

3.  Photography:  I'm not a photographer, but there are a couple of posts I surprised myself.  I'm thinking of "Lilies in Indiana" and "Winter Solstice".

Even though the year ended with a bit of a whimper in this area, I am very happy with my 30+ pounds of weight loss.  It was (and is) the most personal stuff I have written on this blog, but based on the number of hits, it is popular.

It was a pretty good 2011.  I'm looking forward to 2012.