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Monday, December 26, 2011

Share the Gift

Santa was good this year.  No matter what your religious persuasion, during this holiday season it is likely that you gave or received a gift from someone who cares about you.  Last night my wonderful sister-in-law and I thought of a novel idea - what if every person who received a gift this season gave 1 penny ($0.01) to a children's charity?  It's a simple idea - but imagine how powerful it could be!

We're calling this "Share the Gift" and I would love my readers and Facebook friends to get in on the "ground floor".  Go to your family, church, school or community and start a small "Share the Gift" drive.  Collect a penny from anyone (adult or child) who received a gift.  When you finish your drive, pick a children's charity (Ronald McDonald House, UNICEF, Heifer International, Boy's and Girl's Clubs, etc) and DONATE.  Better yet, PASS ON THE WORD!  Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, church members and anyone else who will listen about Share the Gift.  Tweet!  Post!  Blog!  Let's put social media to work.  I would like to see this year how well this idea is received and if it is, perhaps make it even bigger for next year.

Please note - I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO SEND ME MONEY.  I would prefer you put together your own little collection.  What I am asking is that you SHARE YOUR RESULTS!  Send me a comment here or post on the Facebook page "Share the Gift".  Tell us how you raised the money, what you raised and what charity received it.  If you don't want to organize a full blown campaign, you can contact me and I will give you information where you can send your donation (no matter how small).  Remember, it's just a penny.  "LIKE" the Facebook page so you can see the updates.

Let's see if we can Share the Gift.