Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY - Origami Ninja Stars

My Craft Diva has struck again!  She learned to make origami ninja stars all on her own (with the help of YouTube and a friend at school).  They are so cute to make and will challenge you and your kids.  They also make cool banners.

Here are the directions according to Mackenzie:

1.  You need 8 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, assorted colors (printer paper works great) and scissors

2.  Fold one piece of paper across evenly, which will leave an extra amount of paper at the bottom

3.  Cut the bottom of the paper off to make a clean triangle

4.  Open the paper and fold across the other way to make another triangle.  Unfold the paper.  You should now have a square with fold lines making an "X"
5.  Fold the points on one side of the square to the middle.

6.  Fold in half so it looks like a paper airplane.

7.  This is the tricky step:  turn the "paper airplane" upside down with the back end of the plane facing you.  Reverse the crease down the center so it folds inside.  It should look like a triangle.

8.  Fold the crease to the inside

9.  You should have a parallelogram

9.  Repeat with each piece of paper (7 more times).  Arrange them in the circle design you want.

10.  Hold two of the parallelograms, one behind the other with the points to the left (crease on top).  Insert the parallelogram on the right into the back of the other, forming a right angle.

11.  Fold the tips of the parallelogram on the left over the one on the right.  In this case, fold the blue tips over the yellow, tucking them into the open fold.

12.  Repeat for the remaining parallelograms.

13.  When you get to the last section, fold the last corners over both layers of paper to the center.

14.  Ninja star!!  (Wait a minute, that doesn't look like a star . . .)

Watch what this ninja star can do:

Push the sides in gently

Now push the other sides together:

There it is!