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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Awesome Garage Sale Day!

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in ages.  I headed out searching for a wooden desk chair for the new craft room and some decorate items for the high shelves (you know, stuff that's going to gather dust).It started slow, and then I found some copper items:

Next I found a sweet little gilded desk clock (that works!).  (You can see it in the upcoming picture.)  Then, just as I was on my way home with just those few treasures, I hit the motherlode!  It was these multiple family/cul-de-sac garage sales.  I found the wooden chair I was looking for at the first one, as well as the first rooster metal vases and a double valance.

Yeah, success at what I was looking for.  Then, I crossed the street and found French provincial heaven:

The clock and the rooster vases are behind the animals.  I also found the coolest rack and lanterns:

And, as a bonus, we found this pretty pine armoire for my son's room:

All for less than $150!  Nice haul, huh?

I'm that much closer to the completed craft room!