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Friday, May 25, 2012

Shoes, Meet Feet.

I'll admit it - I have flat feet.  Yep, I've known it since I was a kid, we called my feet "duck feet".  It's been a bit annoying most of my life because not only are my feet flat, they are wide.  The total double whammy. Now that I'm getting a bit older (ahem), it's no longer a bit annoying; it's get thee to a podiatrist.  Anyway, while I was looking online for some way to keep slingbacks on my heels, I found some great advice on shoe/feet relationships.  If you have a love/hate with your shoes/feet, read on.  (If not, just wrinkle your nose and slowly step back.)

  • Shooting the Slingbacks - Usually, the reason your slingback shoe straps are falling off your heels is because the other end of your foot is sliding forward.  E-how has a great checklist to determine the best way to fix it, but let's just say you either need to shorten the straps, adhere them to your heels or put in an insert to keep the ball of your foot in the game.
  • Straight Lacing - Looking for fun and unique ways to tie your shoes? (Are you bored? Are your kids bored?)  This guy Ian has a website dedicated to showing you different (and sometimes decorative) ways to lace your sneakers.  Oh, and everything you ever wanted to know about shoe laces.
  • Love My Stinky Feet - That's an inside joke with my kids (who don't read my blog).  You wanna get rid of that stench?  Does your kid's closet smell like a landfill?  Here's a bunch of great ideas (not just powder in the shoes) from wikiHow.  Ladies, have a problem with shoes you wear without socks??  Here's the find of the day - Chu Shu Silver Linings!

  • Finding Running Shoes for You - Don't even read this if you don't run.  In fact, don't read this if you are still running in sneakers you bought at Target or PayLess.  If you want the right runners for you, check out this Shoe Finder tool from Runner's World
  • If the Shoe Fits . . . Did you know there's a method for finding shoes that fit?  I know I didn't.  I thought if you know your size, you just buy that size.  WRONG!  For more awesome tips (like what time of day to try on shoes or which foot to use), check out DrofPodiatry

  • Oh My Aching Feet!  You know they do.  There are lots of reasons for aching feet and just as many ideas to relieve them.  Find out everything you ever wanted to know about aching feet (as well as every common foot problem known to man) from Squidoo
Now my dogs are barking and the hounds are howling.  I need to get out of these shoes and relax!