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Sunday, July 31, 2016

15 DIY Craft Projects for the College Student

OK, you're off to college, but you want to incorporate something in your new life that reflects your crafty side.  Here are 25 of the best and useful projects you can make before you leave or bond with some new friends on a craft project!  You can see these and more on my Pinterest boards, College and Dorm DIY

Desk Organization Projects

1.  Desk Organization Set - This three little bulletin board set works well above your desk and I have to admit I'm a little partial because it's my DIY.
2.  Desk Supplies Organizer - No link, just a picture.  Use a shoebox and cardboard toliet paper rolls. So easy and cute - great if you have a lot of pencils/pens

3. Frame jewelry/picture hanger - From the UK, Love Chic Living describes this as a way to make an easy photo collage.  I think it's cute as that, but would also be a great way to hang your jewelry, especially if you added a little background cork for earrings.  You can find the little "clothes pins" at Michaels.
4.  Desk Organizer - This is a cute little video tutorial on making a desk organizer with scrapbook paper and little boxes.  You can find little boxes at craft stores or the dollar stores.

5.  Faux Book Cellphone Charging Station I had to include a picture on this one.  It might be nice if you are nervous about leaving your phone out in the open.

6.   Shoebox Charging Station - I really liked this one because (A) it's easy; and (B) it's functional.  One thing I would note - you should probably leave the lid of the box open when you are charging your items so it doesn't overheat and be sure to unplug fully charged devices (your manufacturer's instructions for your electronics will tell you that part too).
7.  Frame organization/note board/calendar - There are a ton of variations of this project, but the concept is pretty simple - picture frame, paper/fabric background in frame and dry erase pen to use on the glass.  
8.  Mason Jar Desk organizer - Mason jars on their sides glued together.
9.  Tennis Ball Friends - I think these are functional and super cute.

Storage Solutions

10. Storage Crate Ottoman -This is the cutest design from The Eager Teacher.  These would be ideal tucked under your bed for storage and brought out when you have extra guests or need a foot rest.  Two notes - make sure the store bought crates will support your weight and consider a fabric loop/tab to stick out on the side of the cushion so you can easily access the storage space in the crate.
11.  Mason Jar Bathroom Storage  In this tutorial you paint Mason Jars for a really cute look.
12.  Washi Tape Color Coded Plugs - Just a picture, but pretty self-explanatory

13.  Bedside Pocket Organizer - This is a must in a dorm room. Easy to keep stuff right on your bed.
14.  DIY Frame Key Holder Easy, cute and very functional
15.  Makeup Brush Holder - There are a bunch of little DIY projects with a fun presentation.