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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hey, What's Going On?

I guess as I look at my last posts from JULY that I haven't been keeping up here.  Cool new job that started last February keeps me very occupied during the week, which only leaves windows on weeknights and weekends to relax clean (umm), sew, crochet, read, write, laundry <cough> and handle my Etsy store (Pretty Pretty Cindy) and social media accounts.  Did I mention that I have a husband and two kids?  I know that sounds crazy to do all of those things in the premium "down time" from work, but it's my bliss.

So, Straddling the Gap has taken a bit of the hit in terms of time.  However, in looking at the blog, I realized I can actually have time to write if I make my posts SHORTER and make them about things I'm already doing.  Can you blame me if my lawyer writing style tends to run long?

Expect to see a lot more about my Etsy store, because I've been making some cute baby stuff I'm really proud to sell (because that means I can make more)! Here's a little taste:

Thanks to Katie at Songs Kate Sang who always makes my creations look so special!