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Saturday, August 13, 2011

DIY - Desk Organization Set

I recently saw a picture of an adorable desk set from Pottery Barn and wanted to give it a try.  I purchased four thin cork squares, an artist canvas, some fabric, ribbon and a white board with a blank calendar.  I combined two squares of cork together and covered them in fabric.  I used staples to fasten them to the back, but hot glue would probably work well too.

Make sure to fold the corners like a gift in order to make clean corners:

Attach ribbons to the corners to hang on the wall.  After I did the corners, I changed it to a single ribbon in the center (see the final product below).

Repeat the process on the other set of corkboards.  Repeat the process on the artist canvas.  You can use the wooden frame on the artist canvas to hang the white board.  The great thing about artist canvas is that you can push pins though.  Here's the final product:

I'm going to put velcro on the marker pouch and attach it to the artist canvas next to the whiteboard.