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Monday, August 22, 2011


I have a new job.  I'm working as an attorney in the law department of a major municipality.  It's an exciting opportunity.  I wasn't looking for a job - I just changed jobs 3 months ago.  I was blest to have a friend who let me know about this job which is perfect for me.  It makes me feel a little guilty, because I know good, talented people who can't find work.  It's very hard out there, and I've found 2 jobs in less than 6 months.  Not bragging . . . just saying.

As excited as I am about this new career move, I am a little nervous too.  I HATED resigning from my current position because I've known the people I worked with for a long time.  I also can't get past the feeling that being in a job for 3 months and then resigning is bad form.  I've thought and prayed about this and I know this is the best move for my career and my family.

Transitions are hard regardless of whether they are good or bad.  So many people are struggling with downsizing and losing their homes.  Others are getting used to smaller incomes.  I think we are all learning what is really important in our lives - family and faith.  Things aren't important anymore and if we learn anything from the hard economic times, hopefully we all learn that.

In the meantime, I am thankful for my faith, family and career - in that order.