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Saturday, August 6, 2011

DIY - Marker Pouch

Have you ever wondered what to do with those dry erase markers?  Dry erase boards are very popular right now and not all of them have a marker holder.  I thought I'd take a stab at designing a little roll up pouch for Kenzie's markers.  I started with a piece of canvas fabric (any heavier fabric will do) and the markers I want to include in the pouch.  You need to have enough canvas three times as large as the piece you see below.  Cut two large identical pieces, making the width big enough to leave about an inch above and below the markers.
Cut the length of each large piece long enough to fold over the markers and roll completely around once.  Sew each piece of fabric about 1/4" from the raw edges to keep the fabric from fraying.  You can also use a serger.  Turn the fabric under on all four sides of each piece of fabric and sew a 5/8" to 1" hem.

Set one of the pieces of fabric aside.  Lay the markers side by side and make two pencil marks on the fabric for each marker just to the right of the marker.  These will be the places where loops hold the marker on the fabric.  When you're done it should look like the picture below.

Take another piece of fabric that is one inch wider and taller than the size of the markers laying side by side like the picture on the left. Sew the third piece of fabric on the wrong side of one of the larger pieces of fabric.  Make sure the smaller fabric is directly behind the marks on the other fabric.

Sew large (about 1" long) button holes over the top of the marks.  You will sew a total of six button holes (for a three-marker pouch)

Cut six strips of 3/4" elastic.  How long you cut them depends on the markers you will put in the pouch.  I cut mine 2 1/2 to 3" long.  The strips should be short enough to hold the markers when they are vertical, but not so tight that it is difficult to get the markers in the loop.
Cut strips of fabric to cover the elastic pieces.  Make the fabric lengths 1" longer than the elastic length.  Sew one end of the elastic under a hem of one end of the fabric.  Attach a safety pin to the other end of the elastic.

Fold the fabric so the right sides are together.  Sew a seam to form a casing behind the elastic.  The fabric should NOT be around the elastic.  Attach another safety pin on the other end of the elastic that is under the hem.

Turn the casing right side out, pulling the elastic through.  Use the safety pin to stretch the elastic and fasten it to both ends of the casing.  Sew the ends of the casing closed, keeping the elastic stretched between the ends.  Repeat for each elastic strip.

Push the ends of the casing through the button holes to the wrong side of the fabric.  Sew the ends of the casings down, overlapping as necessary.

Check with a marker to see if the elastic is tight enough to hold it upright. Take the other large piece of fabric you set aside and sew ric-rac or some ribbon in the center of the length, leaving some length hanging on one side.  There is no need to sew the entire length of the fabric, just enough to wrap around the pouch after it is rolled up.  Once you have sewed in all six casings and the ribbon on the other large piece, sew the large pieces of fabric together, wrong sides together.  You should have a finished look and be able to put the markers in the loops.

Wrap the pouch around the markers and tie with the ric-rac or ribbon.  If you don't want to have a tie, you can attach some velcro to close.  Once you have finished the pouch, you can attach it to a white board using velcro or a ribbon loop. 

No more losing those dry erase markers or getting them mixed in with regular markers!  No more dry erase boards without markers!