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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recipe - Easy Key Lime Pie

I saw a blog featuring a recipe for key lime pie recently, but I couldn't find it again when I wanted to make it.  So hey, I improvised!  I can't say this is completely original, but I will say I combined several recipes to make this one.  After I finished I realized I made enough filling for two pies, so this recipe is for TWO pies.

You need:  Zest from one lime, green food coloring, Lime Jello (10 oz)

1/2 cup of lime juice

One can of sweetened condensed milk

One container of Cool Whip

Two Ready Graham Cracker Crusts

Prepare the Jello as instructed on the packet (dissolve packet in cold water and then add boiling water).  Put in the refrigerator.  When the Jello begins to congeal, remove from refrigerator.  In a separate boil mixed condensed milk, lime juice, zest, Cool Whip and a few drops of green food coloring (optional).  Mix well.  Slowly add Jello and mix together.  (If you let the Jello get too firm, you will end up with Jello chunks in your pie - but it still tastes great).  Pour the mixture into the two pie shells and put in refrigerator.  Allow to form for several hours.  Garnish with fresh lime slices.  Yummy!!