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Sunday, August 28, 2011


My kids are so lucky to be close.  Close in age, close in size, close in time spent together.  They share many of the same interests, like hanging out in bed watching TV:

They really enjoy spending time together, except when they're fighting.  Sometimes it's hard to tell which one is happening at any given moment.  Although they are 23 months apart (he's older), they look like twins because he's a bit small and she's a bit big.  They love to go on vacations:

and enjoy the holidays together
Although they do argue and yell at each other, they love to wrestle, play, make videos and just hang out together.  They especially love to laugh:

As they get older, I really hope they continue to enjoy each other's company.  I know that's going to be tested as they get into the adolescent and teenage years.  Goodness knows, that happened to me and my younger sister as we hit those ages.  (A big "shout out" to my little sister who may be one of the few people to read my blog regularly!)  Kentster and I remind our kids that when we're gone they have to be family for each other.  I hope when that time comes (a LONG time from now), they can see each other as friends.  Who knows?  Maybe they'll even continue to enjoy watching YouTube videos on separate laptops simultaneously!