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Monday, December 5, 2011

Scentsy Love!

I don't want to say anything about gifts, because some of my family members read my blog :)  However, I am loving me some Scentsy!  It's already a popular product line, so many may already share my love.  Scentsy is a wax warmer system with wonderful smelling scents.  The warmers come in full size and mid-size and there are many beautiful designs:


They also have travel tins for your car, scentsy circles and cute stuffed animals with scents inside.  I don't have one yet, but they also sell these plug in warmers

  The warmers work with a light bulb that heats up a container with wax in it.  There are lots of scents which is the best part for me.  I love to try out all the scents.  Scentsy scents come in scent bars and scent bricks.  These are scent bars:

Scent bricks are really big and I haven't found a scent yet that I want to commit to that much. Scentsy works by melting squares from the Scentsy bars in the warmer.

Scentsy is not sold in stores, but you can find a seller by going to their website.  I use Scentsy products in most of the rooms of my house.  They create a nice ambience (and smell good too!)  Some of my favorite scents are:  White Sands, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Welcome Home, Sunkissed Citrus and White Tea & Cactus.  The wax squares last a long time - I think between 8 and 12 hours (and there are eight squares per bar).  The best part of these products is the SMELL!  They are strong and long lasting. I love Gold Canyon candles because I think they are the very best.  But if you're looking for something without a flame, nothing beats Scentsy.  You can leave them on (I left one on a whole weekend by accident) and you never have to worry about fire.  I'm looking for my next order which should be in later this week and I can't wait!

Before I finish this "gushfest" I should say - I have not been compensated in any way for my opinions about Scentsy, nor was I asked to comment in any way.  In fact, I borrowed the pictures from their website.  I don't have a family member or close friend that works for Scentsy.  I just really believe in the product and like all small businesses, I believe in promoting the best ones so they stay successful.