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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Honor of the Olympics . . .

The Summer Olympics begin on Friday in London.  I love the Olympics.  I could settle in front of the TV, eat stuff an Olympian would never look at and spend the day moving less than the Olympians will do stepping up to begin their event.  I think we love the Olympics because it's a sense of national pride and the athletes and their stories are so compelling.  When I was a kid we only had one channel that would have Olympic coverage.  Today there are probably about 5 or so different NBC stations that will be showing many of the events.  I plan on getting my DVR warmed up.

In honor of the Olympics, Mackenzie made a ribbon baton from my stash.  And so, I present Miss Mackenzie in her ribbon gymnastics/dance routine (turn on your own inspiring/patriotic music, cause you can't hear ours on the video):

Boy, I bet you are ready for some world class athletics now!  Throughout the Olympics I'll check in like Bob Costas to let you know my favorite moments.  Go Team USA!