Monday, January 21, 2019

The Hills Are Alive - With Some Costume Making!

Welcome to 2019!  I'm excited to tell you about my first adventure in sewing this year - making costumes for The Sound of Music for Ville de Marie's first musical!  Yeah!  My husband agreed to direct and I jumped on the opportunity to be the costume mistress.  I'm familiar with the show, but after reading the script, I was a little intimidated with the number of costumes and how costume-driven the plot is in this show!  So, with a minimal (no) budget, I'm challenged to make/buy costumes for a full musical!

The show isn't until May, so you will see a number of posts about the various costumes I have to make.  I work full time outside of the home, so I will be mostly a weekend warrior!  (I'm sure I will have some help on some things, so don't worry - I'll survive.)  The difficulty with The Sound of Music is that the 7 Von Trapp children need several matching sets of costumes.  Combined with 5 nuns in full habit and that makes for a lot of fabric.  I started with my own Pinterest board "Sound of Music" where I have collected and categorized the various costume ideas I could find (and there were many!).  Feel free to peruse for ideas and follow me on Pinterest!

In addition to some full costume construction from fabric, I'm hoping to upcycle and adapt some inexpensive new clothing items.  I'm excited about this challenge - stay tuned to see the updates.