Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saving Money with Greeting Cards

If you're like me, you rush into a grocery store on your way to a party to grab a card.  It could be a birthday card, thank you card, new baby, graduation, whatever.  A card goes with the gift, or in the case of gift cards, a card IS the gift.  The right card is important, but it's always been the "extra" thing.  Recently though, the card has become an expensive part of gift giving.  Some of this can be attributed to the complexity of cards with sound and delicately cut designs, but let's face it - greeting cards are getting really expensive!

Recently, I decided that if a standard greeting card is going to cost $5.00 or more in a grocery store, at least I'm going to find something handmade and unique.  Look no further than Etsy.

Just search "handmade greeting cards" to find over 70,000 listings.  You can find intricate hand cut cards, hand drawn illustrations, funny cards and photo cards.  You can buy them individually or in sets and spend much less than you would at the drug or grocery store.  Here's a few I found (click on the link below the picture to visit that Etsy store):

Now if you're like me, about now you are saying - who buys greeting cards in advance??  I did, but as a set of general cards.  You can really save money this way too.  I bought this set of 8 cards of my choice for $20.  Even with the shipping costs added in that is less than $4 a card.  

I don't even have to make a stop on the way to my next party!  As an extra bonus, I don't have to worry about whether the graduate or birthday card recipient will be getting a duplicate card from another guest!

Have a few minutes?  Shop Etsy for a huge selection of unique greeting cards.  Buy from the comfort of your living room 24 hours a day for delivery to your door!  Support small businesses!


Saturday, June 9, 2018

One Week Until Father's Day . . .

I'm happy to report that my childrens' father is already secured for Father's Day and we are still a week out.  However, if you don't have a gift (or a plan), I have been in your shoes some most years.  Never fear, here are some great ideas for gifts Dad is sure to love.  Here are suggestions by category (links to products included):

Personal Care

Lillian Vernon Personalized Grooming Bag  $42.99 at Amazon
No more Ziploc bag for Dad!

Goby Brush Kit (Includes Subscription)  $50.00 at Goby
This includes a subscription for a new brush head every month (or whenever you tell them)

Harry's Winston Shave Set  $25 ($15 more engraved at Harry's

Loris Azzaro Chrome $40.95 at Amazon

Interests and Vices

Personalized Hammer  $21.00+  at Etsy

Personalized Humidor  $52.79 at Etsy

Cornhole Bags  $25.98 at Amazon
Assorted colors and designs for the man who loves to play cornhole

Unique Gifts

DNA Test   $69 from  Find out Dad's ethnic background and backstory!

Holy Stone Drone  $279.99 at Amazon

Magnetic Wristband for DIY  $12.99 at Amazon

Holds all those little things he needs while completing the "honey-do" list!

Free (if you have an Echo)

If "Alexa" lives at your house, you can teach her to give Dad compliments on his special day.  It's very easy to do, and they provide suggestions as well as let you say exactly what you want.  If "Alexa" doesn't live with you yet, why not get an Echo Dot from Amazon?  They start at $39.99 and an Echo Show with a screen to view images and video is $149.99.

Hope your Father's Day is fun!