Saturday, May 27, 2017

Isn't She Lovely?

That was the Stevie Wonder song we picked as background to her First Birthday video.  It's what I hear in my head when I look at her today:

Today was her promotion ceremony and she starts high school in the fall.  Two kids in high school!  Where did the time go?

It seems like last week I dropped her off at Brownies or softball or kindergarten.  A couple of days ago she was talking about studying nursing in college and moving away.

She's smart, sassy and kind.  She's beautiful - but she has no idea.  (Maybe that's OK too.)  We are so proud of her.

It's the time of year for graduations, and so many of our friends have graduations - college, high school, eighth grade, kindergarten.  Regardless of the age, the truth is all the same - time passes, children don't stay children forever any more than they stayed babies forever.  There's never enough time to think about it and get the most out of every age before the next age or stage or phase comes along.

So right now I'm liking this age, even with the disagreements and the rolling eyes and exasperated "Mom!"  I remember being this age and its nice to be there with her as she picks her way through a rapidly changing time in her life.

I just want these last four years before college to slow down - just a little bit - so we can enjoy them together.

Just don't blink.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pretty Pretty Cindy

I have an Etsy store - Pretty Pretty Cindy.  I love to make things for babies.  I make burp cloths and washcloths sets, bib sets, blankets, nursing pillows, Amish puzzleballs and Jingle Tag Balls.  I think handmade items are the best gifts for a baby.  Instead of telling you more about what I sell, I'll just show you:

There is much more to see in the Etsy store!  Check it out!

So, this is Pretty Pretty Cindy.  Pretty things for little people.