Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Peep Time

When I was thinking about writing this post, my initial thought was to announce that today (the Thursday before Easter) is the day to open your package of Peeps so they will be stale by Easter.  Long after my older siblings stopped eating Easter candy, they still had to have their stale Peeps.  I personally am not a huge fan of Peeps, but some folks are just fanatics about it.

As I started the "research" for this post, I found a wealth of information about all the different ways to eat Peeps.  First I should address the "stale" or "crunchy" method as it is the easiest.  Open the package in advance and let them breathe.  That's it.  Simple.  In fact, here's a tutorial from "From Here to Eternity."

Preferences on Peeps are not limited to stale vs. fresh.  You can toast your Peep (it ain't pretty), but be careful - the colored part is flammable.  It does look yummy, though - you can make the Peep into a s'more!  You can even watch a video about it:

Peeps make great decorations for other desserts.  I've tried that myself and can say that bunny Peeps can hide a lot of imperfections on the side of a cake.  If you want to make this cake, get my recipe here:

You can wrap them in a blanket brownie as demonstrated by "Life Love & Sugar"

All these desserts have me in an Easter planning mood.  You too?  Well get going peeps!

Happy Easter!