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Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Project List

I've often said that I don't have nearly enough time to do the projects that are swirling around in my head.  Recently, I found that other smart bloggers are making little project lists at the beginning of the month and crossing each off as they finish it.  Really, this isn't project-a-day.  I'm going to try to pick little ones so I get them done.  Of course, I've never made a list so short I could finish it.  Here goes:

1.  Finish the baby rag quilt/lovies.
2.  Open my Etsy store
3.  Make two dresses for my daughter
4.  Make a headband
5.  Finish the two step afghan
6.  Finish the checker afghan.
7.  Make a pincushion
8.  Finish the craft room
9.  Scrapbook enough pages to get my kids to age 3 (they are 9 and 11 now)
10. Make a new rag quilt

Yep, definitely an ambitious list, but notice I only picked 10 items.  Notice also number 2 on the list :)  I'm opening an Etsy store, "Pretty Pretty Cindy".  I'll have all kinds of "pretty" items, just enough to have an outlet for the stuff I like to make.  Examples are crochet afghans, rag quilts, headbands a couple little girl dresses (and anything else that tickles my fancy).

Also, this week is the one year anniversary of "Straddling the Gap".  We'll have to see what surprises we can think of to celebrate.