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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary Straddling the Gap!

This week marks the one year anniversary of Straddling the Gap.  It's gone by so quickly, but I have learned so much since last June.  When I started this blog on the suggestion of my dear friend Katie, I couldn't even figure out what a blog was or why I should write one.  Some days I'm still not sure, but I now have an awesome creative outlet.  Better than that, I have encountered a whole new world of interesting, funny and amazingly creative people.  If you do a Google search on "how to" or "do it yourself" on any topic, you are sure to find at least one blog in the first five results.  (Don't believe me - give it a try).  I'm having fun being part of this enormous community and plan on sticking around as long as someone is reading (even if it's me).

For the next week, to celebrate my anniversary, Straddling the Gap will feature some new projects, bring back a few old projects and end the week with the introduction of Pretty, Pretty Cindy, my new Etsy store.

If you've been reading Straddling the Gap this year, thank you!  I'm looking forward to more adventures in being a wife and mother while pursuing my creativity - I'm still straddling the gap. 


P.S.  Tomorrow is the first big day - the craft room reveal!  Don't miss all the picture