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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinkie Rag Quilt

It's been a while since I've been able to post about a project.  I have been working on several things, and may even have an exciting announcement coming - sometime.  In the meantime, I finished this hot little number for my daughter:

I love these rag quilts.  I used snuggle flannel and for the first time I worked with minky.  How luxurious!  I also tried using a decorative stitch to make the X over each block.  I laid out the blocks to get the pattern correct.

This time I tried sewing the blocks in groups of four and then putting the 4-blocks together.  I think overall it's a good method with one big exception:

I should probably do vertical couples instead of horizontal.  Also, you can tell when it's time to change your needle when your blocks starting looking "off" like this:

This actually isn't as bad as it can get.  Last night I was sewing two blocks that were exactly the same size, but because the needle was blunt, it sewed the blocks with one side an inch longer than the other.  A sharp, thick (heavy weight) needle is a must when you are sewing the multiple layers.

The best part is the ragging - cutting the little strips in the exposed seam allowances.  If you want to keep your hands from cramping, you need the sharp snippers

I've been asked how to handle the center point where the four blocks come together.  Just snip the seam allowances in a way so none of the seam allowances is sewn down.

I love child labor :)  I'm partying in the linky party with Everyday Beautiful