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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is There Anything Left To Do?

I'm worried.  Our very existence as bloggers might be at risk.  There is nothing new to do.  I'm having a great time learning all kinds of new things.  It's so easy to find instructions on how to do about anything I can imagine.  Scary, huh?

About two weeks ago I was trying to think of something different with spring colors to celebrate spring.  I imagined a cool wreath, with pastel or white yarn wrapped around it with some kind of little flowers on the bottom right.  I was so surprised when I looked at some other blogs and Pinterest, because the wreath I imagined was popping up.  Subliminal?  Maybe.  Freaky?  You bet.

In fact, there were some gorgeous examples with twists I could never imagine:

Now I'm not going to suggest that I created or thought up the idea of a yarn wrapped wreath with felt flowers.  But it's funny that when you think of "what to make this season" you happen to think of the same thing everyone else thinks.  It's like when you rack your brain to give your baby an interesting (but not too weird or original) name.  You think you have picked the name that isn't on everyone's top ten lists or is trendy.  You're pretty sure you've done a great job too, until your child gets to preschool or kindergarten and there are three other kids sitting there with your child's interesting name.

I love the fact there is so much information and rampant creativity on the web.  We can do things, make things, improve on things so much faster and better than women did years ago with a couple of magazines and craft patterns.  Sometimes though, I just wish I could make it first :)