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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The End of the Great Hamster Experiment

It's finally over.  The Great Hamster Experiment is over.  About six months ago I wrote about our adventures with hamsters.  I ended that post saying that Mischka (Furry II) was the last man standing.  I also mentioned that it was my responsibility to clean the cage and I wasn't always so good at it.  My daughter, who begged for the hamsters in the first place, never cleaned a cage, fed a hamster or showed much interest.

On Tuesday, Mischka died.  Alas, like Teddy, another previous hamster, Mischka likely died from a cage that was too dirty.  I feel very guilty, but honestly, I think we were all over the Hamster Experiment.  (Too bad I just bought a 20 pound bag of hamster bedding over the weekend.)  When I told Mackenzie onWednesday morning, she said "O.K., I'm done.  We don't need to get another hamster."  That works for me too.

I did have some fun with the four hamsters we had.  I was proud that I overcame my fear of small rodents (at least domesticated ones).  Heck, I could even pick him up and get my fingers out of the way when he wanted to chew on them.  Now we just need to find someone to take the cages, food and bedding.  Hamsters are cheap but their equipment is not.

I do feel a little nostalgic, but when I think of the noisy nights where he took his hard food with him into the wheel or cleaning the cages, not so much.

Goodbye Mischka, Teddy, Furry and Cutie Patootie.  RIP