Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY - Cute Icepack Cover

This is my first attempt at DIY instruction, but Kenzie and I made this and it was so easy and useful I had to share.  I apologize in advance if someone else came up with this particular design, but we thought of this one all by ourselves.  The purpose of this little cover is to provide a permanent cloth cover for those refreezable ice packs you can find in any drug store.  I always end up wrapping it in a dishcloth when we use it, so this allows us to use it right out of the freezer.

You need stretch knit & ice pack.
Measure length & width.  Ours was 7"x 5"
Double the width measurement for the fabric so you can fold it in half, then add 1 1/2 inches to the length and width. 
Icepack length = 7"
Fabric length = 8 1/2"
If the length of the ice pack is 7", the fabric length should be 8 1/2"; if the width is 5", the fabric "width" should be 11 1/2".  (Remember, you are going to fold it in half later so for now the "width" is longer than the "length".)  The extra material will allow you 5/8" allowance on every side.   

Turn the fabric under 5/8", press and sew VERY CLOSE to the edge
Now all four sides should be turned under 5/8".  You might want to use a contrasting color thread as all seams will be visible.  Next, fold the fabric in half, which should make it look closer to the finished width of 5".    

Stitch 5/8" from edge of fold.
Pick a decorative stitch - we chose a flower stitch.
Sew the decorative stitch BETWEEN the seam and the edge of the fold on 3 sides (two lengthwise sides and one of the short sides).  That will close three of the four sides.

Proof my 8 year old operates a sewing machine!
Insert the ice pack in opening

Sew remaining decorative stitch on open side.
A finished permanent cloth ice pack!

It feels so good on your boo boos! 

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