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Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY - Easy Sew Icepack Cover

This was my first attempt at DIY instruction, and Kenzie and I made this when we were both beginner seamstresses and she was only 8.  It was so easy and useful we had to share.  I apologize in advance if someone else came up with this particular design, but we thought of this one all by ourselves.  The purpose of this little cover is to provide a permanent cloth cover for those refreezable ice packs you can find in any drug store.  I always end up wrapping it in a dishcloth when we use it, so this allows us to use it right out of the freezer.  The seam allowance around the ice pack gives you a fabric portion to grasp that never gets cold because it doesn't directly touch the icepack.

First, you need a ice pack and some soft knit fabric.  The stretch in the knit works well and will never feel "wet."

Measure the height and length of your icepack.  Double the height measurement for the fabric so you can fold it in half, then add 1 1/2 inches to both the height and width.  If the height of the ice pack is 4", the fabric length should be 9 1/2"; if the length is 7", the fabric length should be 8 1/2".   

Fold the right sides of the fabric together along the length, and sew around two of the sides leaving one of the short (height) sides open.  Use a small (5/8") seam allowance.  Turn what now looks like a bag inside out.

Slip the icepack into the bag and hand sew the opening closed.  You will now have an icepack inside a closed pouch, but the icepack can slide around.  Lay the icepack flat and position it within the pouch so all sides are even.  Pick a decorative stitch on your machine and carefully pin around the perimeter of the icepack so it is positioned snugly in the pouch.  Sew.

And that's it!  

Even though we made this fabric icepack years ago, it still holds up well.  Great, easy project!