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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Great Camera Search

Blogs without pictures are boring.  I don't own a camera (unless you count my cell phone, which I don't).  I have owned several cameras, but I have a unique knack for losing them.  Needless to say, Kentster (read "husband") doesn't buy me cameras anymore. (Sung to the tune "You Don't Bring Me Flowers").  I am trying to balance price with quality.  I have had really crappy cameras, and I hate cameras that only have LCD displays (can't see anything outside).  I'm not a trained photographer, so it would be hard to justify a "fancy" camera.  I've been looking online at Target and Best Buy, but I don't think I understand the terms I'm looking at.  Is it better to have a camera with more megapixels, or a greater optical zoom?  Is it possible to get a decent camera for less than $200.00??  Decisions are tough.  I would love some comments, although I doubt anyone is reading this because it's only my second entry :)  If you are reading this (because you are hopelessly lost in Blog World), feel free to chime in with suggestions on cameras or features.