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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday - Time to Get to Work!

I look forward to every weekend because that's when I can really get down to work.  Work on my passion that is - crafting.  This weekend I'm working on a patchwork dress for my Kenzie.  It's been a labor of love for a while now - I stitched lots and lots of 4x2" pieces together to make "fabric" so I could cut the skirt out of a pattern.  Then I decided I didn't like the top of the dress on that pattern, so I'm trying to improvise by matching it to another pattern's top.  This better work!!  If it does, I'll be sure to post a picture - when I get a camera.

We've promised redecorated rooms to both Kenzie and CJ, which includes something I HATE to do - paint.  Don't get me wrong - I love the results, especially when they coincide with the picture in my head, but gosh, I just hate painting.  Kenzie also wants a canopy over her bed, which I want to make, but I may get myself in over my head (no pun intended :).  The problem with promising Kenzie something is that she is going to hold you to it, so maybe we'll get started on that this weekend too.

See what I mean about work?  It's my passion to make beautiful things, but it is time consuming.  Today I saw a blog entry on Stitch Steal's "Feature You Friday".  It's about a woman named Anabela who makes beautiful crochet hats.  Even more beautiful than her hats are the words she uses to describe how she feels about making things and her children.  You can check out Stitch Steal's blog entry about Anabela here, and see Anabela's work at Hats for QTs.

Happy Friday - let the work begin!