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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project-a-Day Month

Well, this is a post I've been trying to write for about 5 days.  I started it before midnight on the 5th, but it's now well into the 6th.  I decided on the 1st that it would be fun to feature one project/craft each day in July.  It's very ambitious, but I'm going to give it a try.  The only problem is that I've been so busy trying to get enough projects for the first 5 days that I haven't had time to write the blog entries.  (I hope you are LOL because I certainly am!)

So here's the deal:  Each day in July I'm putting a picture of a project on a new page on my blog entitled "Project-a-Day".  The idea is for the picture to "link up" to a blog post from me describing the project, or at least the tutorial for the project from someone else in the blogosphere.  I'm not promising I will actually complete a project each day during July (check that, I KNOW I won't finish a project each day during July), but I will try to have photos of 31 projects by the end of July.  (You just might have to wait for Christmas after next before I post a description of each project.)  The projects could be sewing, crafting, crochet, scrapbooking, quilting, recipes or hey, maybe I'll give you all a power point presentation on the Clean Water Act.  It's my creativity.  Insane, I know, but what the heck.

I promise not to make every post this month about a project, so if you hate the project a day thing, don't leave!  If you like the Project-a-day thing, here are pictures of the projects I've posted under the Project-a-Day tab for the first 6 days.


Day 1 - Cute Icepack Cover
Day 2 - No Seam Pillowcase

Day 3 - Bed Canopy
Day 4 - Holiday T-Shirts
Day 5 - Glitter Nails
Day 6 - Granny Scraps