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Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY - Glitter Nails [FAIL]

Today I feature a "craft fail" and it's not the first (or last) one.  I tried the "glitter nails/toes" with Kenzie - she got the nails, I got the toes.  Pretty simple - red nail polish, glitter on top while wet and a clear coat after the red paint with glitter dries.  It was a great idea I found on a blog (the source of all creativity), but I managed to mess it up.  The problem is the glitter - I realized the suggestion to use a special fine glitter wasn't just a suggestion.  Now the pedicure on my big toe is scratching my leg whenever the nail touches it.  If that's not bad enough, now you get to see my ugly feet:

Kenzie's fingernails were cute, but I'm worried she may wake up tomorrow with scratches on her face from the glitter.  (Notice how she made her fingers into a cute heart :)

Lesson learned: If you want the project to turn out EXACTLY the way you expect, follow the directions.  If you want to be creative, use the directions as a suggestion, but be prepared for the consequences - good, bad or ugly.