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Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY - No Sew Bed Canopy

Kenzie has been after me for weeks to get her a canopy for her bed.  I considered making one using a large wooden quilt hoop and tulle, but I just could never get around to it.  Finally, I purchased one on Ebay for $8.15 (including shipping).  It wasn't too fancy, just white mosquito netting over a wire hoop with a metal ring on top.

On Saturday, Kenzie and I went to one of my favorite places in central Phoenix - SAS fabric warehouse.  SAS is a scary place for a fabric junkie, but Kenzie kept me moving.  We bought 12 yards of pink tulle for $0.75 per yard!  (She also had to have a hoop skirt, something she has been wanting for a long time.  It enhanced the romantic, southern feeling we were trying to evoke.)

I cut the tulle into strips 3-4' wide by 10-12' and tied it just below the metal ring at the top of the existing canopy.  I repeated this several times, layering it all the way around the hoop and over the existing white netting.  The tulle knots created the little pouf you see at the top of the picture.  Then I tied some pink satin ribbon to the metal ring and hung the canopy from a sash hook I screwed into the ceiling.  I embellished the canopy with lengths of pink and white satin ribbon and put a couple of Kenzie's old fairy crowns over the top.

If you have a serger you can finish the tulle edges.  (I have one but I'm lazy.)  So this canopy was "no sew".  Every little girl's dream canopy and it cost less than $20!!!  The hoop skirt cost more than that!  As a bonus, she is ready when the big mosquito infestation hits Phoenix :-)