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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun Fur Scarf

O.K., this is getting to be the longest "Scarf Week" ever.  Finally, I have another scarf to show you.

Fun fur scarf
This is a fairly easy scarf to make, especially if you already know how to crochet.  I made this with Red Heart Super Saver in gray and Moda Dea Espress (fun fur) in a variegated gray/black/white.  I used a size I hook and about 1 skein of each yarn for this scarf.

In crocheting this scarf, you will use both strands of yarn simultaneously.  It can take a while to work, mostly because the fun fur can be tricky.  But the effect looks very fancy and the level of crochet technique is pretty easy.

This scarf was made in rows of 14 triple crochet.  The initial chain should be 17 loops and after turning, the first triple crochet will be in the third chain.  There is no gauge (my favorite), but you do have to count.  Using both yarns makes it easy to miss stitches.  Make the scarf as long or wide as you want - no right or wrong.

Because this is such an easy scarf to make, here is how to make a triple crochet.  The pictures below show the gray yarn without the fun fur because it's easier to see.


Chain the number of loops you want + 3.

Yarn over twice and insert hook through third chain.



You should now have four loops on the hook.  Yarn over and pull through two loops.  You will now have three loops on the chain.


Yarn over and pull through two loops.  You will now have two loops left on the hook.


Yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops.  A triple crochet looks like this:


I've been wearing a scarf like this for over two years and it holds up really well.  You'll get lots of nice comments, especially because it looks so fancy.  You can change the weight of the scarf by using a lighter weight yarn, so the scarf works even in the spring.  Whether you are making one of these scarves for yourself or for someone else, you'll love how these look.