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Monday, January 28, 2013

Social Media!?#%!

One of my blog resolutions for 2013 was to increase my use of different kinds of social media.  Just in case you don't read the right column on this blog (c'mon, you know I'm talking to you), I'll tell you all my social media outlets:

I've added a place to subscribe by email or RSS feed (I actually had someone complain that I didn't offer that!).  I try to keep up with each of these by following a lot of people, adding pithy comments to each one, visiting other blog advice blogs (Really, there are blogs to give advice on writing a blog.)  I'm excited to say I'm going to Bloggy Bootcamp in April to learn how to monetize a blog (uh huh).  Did I mention I work full time and am raising two tweens who seem to always have someplace to go every evening?  Did I mention I have a husband?

I'm exhausted.  I love blogging and I am interested in being better at it, so I want to do all of these things.  Problem is, every time I think I get a tiny grasp of one social media tool, another one comes up!  It's like playing Whack a Mole.  The new one is Twitter's "Vine", but I hear it has pornography problems so I think I may have a reprieve from that one for a while.  I tried Tumblr but ultimately gave up.  I'm still new to Flickr (but I am enjoying it for photo storage).

Photo attribute Momastery

What's a girl to do?  

I know one thing - it won't make any difference if I master the tricks of social media to promote my blog or Pretty Pretty Cindy on Etsy if I don't have enough time to write the blog or make the stuff for the store.  I'm going to keep chipping away at it, so if anyone out there has any suggestions for how to conquer this, let me know.

I have an idea - maybe I should develop a new social media tool (including a smartphone app) to manage all my social media accounts!  It could keep me actively engaged in all media, including writing little pithy comments, reading others' blogs and pithy comments and following and including others in my circles.  Now that would be something.

In the meantime, come visit/follow/pin/tweet/subscribe/like/favorite/circle me.  I promise to do it back to you.