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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lu Lu

This Christmas brought a new addition to our family - Lulu


Lulu is an adult domestic shorthair (at least that's what the Humane Society called her).  

She's just a sweetie cat to us.

It took us a long time to get a cat that Mackenzie REALLY wanted.  We have two dogs, both terriers, and one is a Westie.  I was so nervous about a kitten which is why we adopted a cat - with claws - and no fear of dogs.  Lulu slapped Brodie the Westie a couple of times and now everyone understands who's the new sheriff in town.


While all is well in Animalville, we are still trying to get Lulu to give us humans the time of day.  She's been happy to follow me around talking up a storm while I'm getting her food (never fast enough, mind you).  But try to pet her?  Forget about it.  

In the last day or so, I think she's decided to let us live in her world.


And now we know who's the new diva in the house.

Princess Lulu


(If you were looking for the next installment of Scarf Week, it's coming after a bit of a detour.  Let's just say I had a "craft fail."  I'll show off my "creativity" when I'm ready with a regular scarf, which should be in the next day or so.  Stay tuned.)