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Monday, November 14, 2011

Pinterest Challenge - Part 2

The other day I took the Pinterest Challenge to create several of the items I saw on Pinterest.  Over the weekend, I tried a muffin/cupcake recipe:

You start with a box cake mix and a 15 ounce can of pumpkin (or you can buy the 29.5 oz can and two cake mixes).  You add - NOTHING!  That's right, two ingredients.  No eggs, oil, water or vanilla extract - NADA!

I could not believe what I was reading when I saw this recipe.  There must be more ingredients.  The result is probably dry.  The whole thing will taste like pumpkin.  NOPE.  You can use any kind of cake mix you want.  I wanted to make a bunch of cupcake/muffins, so I tried spice, yellow and devil's food cake mixes.  (If you read my other posts about weight loss, these were a bit of a downfall.  However, I understand these are considered fairly healthy and even have a Weight Watcher point value somewhere.)

Just mix the pumpkin and the cake mix with an electric beater

Spoon into muffin/cupcake tins lined with cupcake papers, and after 23 minutes at 350 degrees, you get this for the spice muffins:

And this for the chocolate/devil's food cake (these are actually pre-baking):

As for taste - excellent!  You can taste the pumpkin in the spice ones, but not at all with the yellow and devil's food cake mixes.  If you want an even more flavorful spice version, try adding a little cinnamon or a dash of nutmeg to the mix.  We also added chocolate chips to the chocolate cupcakes/muffins, which was just awesome.  You can also add cream cheese frosting to the spice or yellow muffins.  A note - I keep referring to these as muffins/cupcakes because the consistency is a cross between both.  It's not a cake, but a very moist muffin.  The best part for me was that they were so quick and easy to make, and the yield is about 18 cupcake/muffins.

Success!  One Pinterest Challenge down, three to go!