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Monday, November 7, 2011

Super Woman (Almost!)

Today I was almost Super Woman.  It's amazing considering that the day began poorly with a repeat trip to the doctor.  Right now, as the day ends, I have written my blog (you're reading it), read to my daughter, made my son's bed and almost made two school jumpers.  I didn't want to "almost" be Super Woman.  I wanted to BE Super Woman.  All night as I worked on those jumpers I kept thinking about how I would write this and how proud I would be.  After all, I successfully argued a motion in court, reviewed some ordinances, made it home for dinner with the family, worked with the kids (see above) and cut and (almost) sewed two school jumpers.  All of this while fighting off a very nasty chest cold. Tah daaa!!

Even though I didn't make it (when I saw that bias tape, I buckled), I'm going to bed pleased with myself.  I'm not sure if I can "do it all," but some days I get close enough to be satisfied.  And that's just fine with me :)