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Monday, October 10, 2011

When the Kids Are Away . . .

this big cat is going to PLAY!  This week is fall break for the kids so Kentster decided to take them to Sedona for the night.  So I'm home alone.  I miss my kids, especially when my husband sends me cute pictures of them on my phone, but I'm managing.  Heck, I'm having a personal PARTY!  I get to sew and watch whatever I want on TV.  I get to eat in front of the TV and I didn't have to fight for the laptop to write this post.  I also get to stay up as late (or go to bed as early) as I want. 

The hardest part of this great alone time is the conflict between being busy with sewing and being relaxed in front of the TV.  Believe it or not, I'm actually going back and forth between activities.  But even in that, no one is questioning what I'm doing.

I love my family, but sometimes I just love the opportunity to be alone.  And, I know any mom who reads this understands EXACTLY how I feel.  Gotta go, clock's ticking . . .