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Friday, October 21, 2011

And Then My Car Caught on Fire . . .

Did you ever have one of those weeks?  This has been one (or two) of them.  I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote my last entry.  The days have just flown by without much to say.  I'm working on three different craft/sewing/crochet projects, but have nothing to show and tell quite yet.  Although our Diamondbacks are out of the hunt, my childhood favorites the St. Louis Cardinals are in the World Series!  I have also become familiar with the bus to get to and from work.

And that brings me to my tagline.  Last Monday I left work and found my car with a dead battery in the parking garage.  A very nice Good Samaritan helped with jumper cables.  I KNOW they were correctly placed on my car (you know, positive to positive?).  I can't say whether they were correctly installed on his car or whether the positive cable on my car fell over on the negative cable as it slipped.  Anyway, next thing I know there's smoke, then fire on my battery.  At least the Good Samaritan was good at putting out the fire while I called the fire department.

That was Monday.  Now it's Friday and after several days of "the part is being overnighted and will be installed tomorrow" from the dealership, I'm going to pick up a loaner car because the new battery cables won't come in until Tuesday (or so they say).  It's been a pain, but I have discovered the bus, which is not so bad.

Sooo, it's been a lot of very little going on in the last couple of weeks and then my car caught on fire.