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Monday, February 4, 2013

Sugar Sugar

During a recent shopping trip, my daughter and I discovered utopia.


Utopia is It's Sugar, a new store that recently made its appearance in Arizona.  Many of you may be familiar with it, because there are locations in 17 other states and in several international locations.  We just call it utopia.

It's a feast for the eyes, with rows of loose candy in clear containers so you can buy whatever assortment you want by the pound.
You won't believe the selection - so many candies that we "older" people remember from our childhoods that you can't easily find: Lemonheads, Boston Baked Beans, sour gummy worms, orange slices, Spree and Sugar Daddy.  For me, the multiple chocolate covered stuff was intoxicating - raisins, every kind of nut, pretzels, cookie dough, cake batter.  Heck, they could covered about anything in chocolate and I would love it!

It's Sugar has an oversized candy collection that only exists in sugar dreams.  Look at the ones above.  Who knew there was a 1 pound Snickers bar??  This thing is huge!  You can also find the largest Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Twizzlers, Peeps and a giant sheet of Rice Krispies Treats.  Some of the fun ones, included a 5 pound gummy bear, the largest gummy worm and a box of Peeps that will send you into the most intense sugar high ever!

Mackenzie settled on the big gummy bear on a stick.  I think this thing weighed about half a pound. (Beware of those giant gummies - you need to wrap them or they will become rock hard!)

gummy bear

We also enjoyed the giant Hershey Chocolate sauce piggy banks.  A girl can dream, right?
chocolate sauce

As you can guess, there are lots of novelties (some of which are not appropriate for children). I was told by the nice saleslady that the stores in Las Vegas have some pretty naughty stuff. Here's a few magnets I loved (sorry for the marginal pictures).

Saving for a rich husbandorange juice
This place was so entertaining (and intoxicating), I'm definitely going to have a hard time staying away.

tootsie pop

Don't forget about Valentine's Day!