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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Musings

Today is my birthday.  My wonderful friends and family wished me an awesome, blessed, fabulous, fun, fantastic day.  Even the Illini gave me a big shocker gift in a win against Indiana.  But the best thing I received this year was a card from my husband.  It says:

Picture this:

You and I, years and years from now, 
cruising along some coastal highway with the top down,
stereo blasting, the wind whipping our hair.

Whatever we want to do, we do it.
No agenda, no schedule, nobody else to worry about.

We travel the country, buying silly T-shirts and sending postcards,
stopping at tiny roadside cafes in search of the world's best blueberry pie.

No hurry. No rush.
Relaxing in the comfort of a lifetime of companionship.

You and I . . .
lovers, friends, partners on this road of life.

I am blest, and I had an awesome, fabulous, fun, fantastic birthday.