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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Softest Baby Afghan Ever!

This is another one of those projects I needed to finish and I love this one so much I'm going to make another one just like it.  This is Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in "Pitter Patter," a multi-color yarn in white, pink, blue and yellow.  It is a super bulky yarn that feels just like chenille - but thicker.  I've never worked with a super bulky yarn, but it is worked with a size N crochet hook.

The result is a super soft, cushy afghan - perfect for a baby.  It's also easy to work with because the stitches are so big.  It also doesn't take long to make a blanket like this.  It measures about 32" square and is worked from the middle, which makes it easier with this type of yarn.

I made this one for my Etsy store, but it didn't take long before I had to give it away for a co-worker's baby shower.  She loved it, as did everyone else at the shower.  I still listed it on Etsy because it won't take long to make another.  The pattern is from Bernat, but you can find it here.

Aren't these pictures gorgeous??  They are from my very talented friend, Kate Eschbach, who blogs here.  She has been taking photos for a long time and does a great job on product shoots as well as portraits and landscapes.  Great news for folks in the Phoenix area - Kate is now available as a full time photographer!!  I'm so excited for her because this has been her dream for some time.  It is a wonderful thing when you can work doing what you love.  

Speaking of doing what you love - I loved working with this yarn and I'm on a roll with crochet right now.  More coming soon.