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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday Coffee Date

If we were having coffee today . . .

I would tell you how I haven't really been too interested in blogging or crafting lately.  I don't usually enjoy just relaxing doing nothing, but that's all I've been doing lately

After all, I'm sitting here having coffee with you.

I worry if I don't blog more, I will lose the small audience I have.  I have so much sewing I want to do, I just can't decide where to start.

School is in full swing and we are just as busy at night as the kids are.  Every night before bed I try to think of something to write (like now), but end up falling asleep.

Maybe I need a coffee date at night.


Coffee Dates is a concept from Alissa at Rags to Stitches.  Drop by and pull up a chair every Friday - better yet, come over to Rags to Stitches and catch the whole coffee crowd.