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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crafter's Block

Have you ever had writer's block?  I know I have.  As an attorney, I write quite a bit, and sometimes it's so hard to start something.  Once I get going, I'm usually fine, but just getting started can be daunting.

I'm having crafter's block.  I know I want to work on something, but I'm just not sure what.  I have four projects in some stage of development, and two finished afghans I want to show off (and list on Etsy).  I am working on those projects, but they are the kind of projects that take a lot of time.  I'm doing them in little free moments.  Maybe the reason I can't finish them is because I'm just not excited about starting anything.  Crafter's block.

I've been working on a couple of things to help me to get over the crafter's block.  First, I'm going to finish those pesky pending projects which will probably be the hardest thing.  Have you ever noticed that the piece you were writing when you experienced writer's block was the hardest thing you ever wrote?  Even after getting past the block, the first few things are just hard to finish.

Next, I'm looking for inspiration.  I have plenty of projects I had planned before, but I need something interesting to get this block out of my way.  I'm turning to the source for all inspiration - Pinterest.  Pinterest is so much fun, but soooo addictive.  Through Pinterest, I found another place of inspiration - Craftgawker.  Now that is a seriously dangerous place for crafters.  It's a lot like Pinterest, but limited to craft projects.  It has a sister sight, Foodgawker, which is also great for those of you who cook.

Tomorrow is October 1, so I'm going to put together an October project list.  Tomorrow.  Later.  I still have some time.