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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dreaming of a Craft Room

In 2011, my craft/sewing/crochet/scrapbooking activities blossomed.  I think my husband would say they exploded.  Right now I have a large armoire in my bedroom filled with yarn and scrapbook paper.  I have two scrapbook carriers full of scrapbook supplies.  I have a closet full of fabric that has spilled over on the floor of the den.  I wasn't trying to use this clutter for this purpose, but Kentster has agreed to let me convert the den into a craft room.

I've been thinking about how to make the transition, but first it requires moving furniture and items in several rooms.  It's a little like one of those little puzzles you had as a kid where you slide the plastic pieces around in an effort to get the picture straight.

Here's where we start:

The couch is going and the weights too.  Notice my husband's beer can collection on shelves high above the window.  We're still negotiating those.

Everything in this picture is going.

That large (and very heavy) computer armoire is going and that will be the biggest task.  The TV and Wii has to stay in the room.

There's the closet with my fabric stash.  Not all of that is fabric, so it has to go.  The other side of the closet has clothes - those have to go too.  That big pile in front of the closet is overflow of my sewing stuff.

Yep, there is lots of work to do.  Hopefully the transformation will be complete before the end of 2012, but I will post it here when it's done.