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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sochi Olympic Games - the Roundup

A couple of years ago I wrote about the Summer Olympics in London.  I watched a lot of those Olympics, and had a lot to say in three separate posts.  Of course I included McKayla Maroney's classic "not impressed" face.

I have watched some of the Sochi Winter Olympics, but not nearly as much as the London Games.  Why?  First, the games are smaller.  Second, I've just been too busy to watch much.  Third, I don't want to say I'm "not impressed," but I'm not as interested as I was in the Summer Olympics.

Having said all that, there have been some interesting events during these Olympics.  The weather has not been exactly conducive to all of the events, but that is becoming more commonplace during the Winter Olympics.  You would think the International Olympic Committee would be able to find a location where it's winter this February - maybe somewhere like Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Minneapolis.  Heck, even Atlanta might qualify this year.

While the weather hasn't been impressive, a few of the images are iconic.  She's no McKayla Maroney, but Ashley Wagner does do a good impression:

I think this has been referred to as "disgusted."  Another unforgettable image was that of Bob Costas:

Yuck.  I really do feel for the guy.  I've always liked Bob Costas, so pink eye isn't something I would wish on him.  As most moms will tell you, it's not something they would wish on anybody.  The only thing that could have been worse would be lice, and we really don't want to talk about that.

It has been somewhat of a mediocre performance so far on the part of the U.S. team, but all the events aren't over yet.  Hey, maybe we can pull out a bronze medal in women's figure skating! (I know, but I'm not saying). In all seriousness, congratulations to all of the American athletes.  You have endured years of training, fears of a terrorist attack some predicted was inevitable in Sochi and mixed weather.  Well done!