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Monday, June 10, 2013

Kenzie Does Crafts - Duct Tape Bow

My Mackenzie is a crafty chick.  She loves making up her own creations, but also likes trying out things she finds on the internet or learns from her friends.  She's always asking to be featured on Straddling the Gap, so I'm giving her a weekly forum on Mondays - Kenzie Does Crafts.  Some projects will be videos and some, like today, will be pictures and written instructions.  Today the project is a duck tape hair bow.  Here's what you need:

barrette stuff

Duck tape, bobby pin, scissors and headband (optional).

Cut two pieces of duck tape about 3 inches long.  Put the pieces together with the sticky sides.

barrette 9

barrette 7
Cut the sides of the tape so the edges are even and no sticky part is showing.

Fold the short side in accordion folds (back and forth).  Cut another piece of duck tape, using the width of the tape as the length and cutting the width to 1/2 inch.

 barrette 1

Untitled Insert the little strip between the bobby pin and wrap it around the folded piece.

barrette 4

You can also do the same thing with larger pieces to make a larger bow for a headband.


barrette 10barrette all done