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Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Gifts - ACK!

Yep, you've waited until the last minute and don't have a clue.  Neither do your kids.  You know who you are - me.  I've been looking around and I found some good ones - here are 10.  Five you can make (so your kids have some part in this endeavor) and the other five you can buy.  Click on the title to see more, including the source.

1.  Brookstone Grill Light - This attaches to the hood of your grill and provides great fluorescent light.  Great price at $39.99

2.  Bose Headphones - These are a bit on the pricey side at Sharper Image, but imagine the joy your husband will have blocking out the sounds of the children.  If you don't want these expensive noise canceling headphones, you can always find some less expensive ones and get your children to keep the noisy ruckus to a minimum.

3.  IPhone Cycling Accessory - This is a great gift for the dad who can't put his I-phone down, even while he's riding his bike.  (People think using an I-phone while driving a car is dangerous, imagine riding a bike!)  Apple has these items for $59.95 in its store.

4.  Magazine Subscription - These are really easy gifts, especially for last minute, because all you need to do is go down to the local grocery or drug store, buy a magazine and tell him they will be in the mailbox for the next 12 months.  (The gift that keeps on giving!)  Some good suggestions - Men's Health, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Forbes and Time.

5.  Baseball Glove - This is a great idea to get him outside playing with the kids.  If baseball or softball is not the game for your family, think of another and get him some equipment - bowling ball, bike, golf clubs, basketball.  This doesn't have to be an expensive gift - this one from Target is only $24.99!

6.  Homemade Gift Basket - You pick your theme - sports, music, grilling or his favorite hobby - and fill it with lots of goodies.  Game tickets, equipment, I-tunes or other gift cards, a bottle of wine, cigars, you get the idea.  This is a great way to turn small things into a thoughtful gift.

7.  Homemade Tie - The Purl Bee has a hip DIY tie with some beautiful fabric ideas

The Purl Bee

8.  Father's Day Coupons A co-worker of mine told me today that the Father's Day gift he wants the most is one day when his children don't fight.  (Me too!)  Here's an idea that might buy dad that and more.  These are nice ones - made by Martha Stewart.

9.  Mod-Podge Coasters - I love this idea because you can create these with any theme you want - pictures of the kids, favorite sports team and this great one - superheroes!  These are from Mod Podge Rocks.

10.  Valet Tray - Here's another one of those gifts that you can personalize using the basic pattern.  Dad can keep his phone, keys, wallet - all those little things he can never find one he puts them down.

Well, now I have a few ideas.  Hopefully I can execute them by Sunday.  Hey, it's only Friday - live on the edge!

Happy Father's Day