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Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm Selling Me Some Scentsy!

That's right - I am now a Scentsy Independent Consultant!  Why?  Don't I already have too much to do?? (yes)  There is a simple answer - I LOVE this product!  I originally wrote about Scentsy in this post from December, 2011.  That's when I discovered this awesome scent system for the places you live your life.  The basic Scentsy product is a "warmer" in which scented wax is melted using the heat from a 25 watt bulb.  Scentsy warmers also come in plug in versions.  The scents are amazing and I love the fact that this is a safe product - no candles that can cause fires.  You can leave a warmer on for days without fear of overheating.

If that was the entire Scentsy product line that would be great.  However the company also produces products so you can take the scents wherever you go without a warmer.  Scentsy makes room sprays, scent packets (think sachet), stuffed animals (with scent packets inside), scent circles and travel tins for your car.  Scentsy recently introduced its Layers line of products (sprays, shower gel, perfume, lip balm, body lotion and laundry products) so you can wear your favorite scents.

The key to Scentsy is the scents.  There are more than 80 scents available in "bars."  With a bar, you can break off and use as much or as little as you want, depending on how strong you want the scent to be or based on the size of the space where the warmer is located.  The scents are the things that initially drew me to the products and they keep me coming back.

Scentsy creates products to keep beautiful scents in every part of your life.  Imagine this:  you wake up in the morning to the soft smell of "Quiver" in your bedroom warmer.  You move into the shower to bask in "Sweet Pea and Vanilla" shower gel and body lotion.  Breakfast is cooking in the kitchen with the yummy smell of "French Toast" and you leave your home breathing in the relaxing scent of "White Tea and Cactus."  I work outside of the home, and my commute is better with the fresh smell of "Ocean" in a travel tin or scent circle.  My office has a mid-size warmer with the soothing scent of "Black Raspberry and Vanilla."  A man's office or den might have the deep, manly smell of "My Dear Watson."  You can return home at night to the smells of "Clean Breeze" which smells just like clean laundry (which is great, especially if you are too tired to actually do the laundry).  Or, you can do the laundry and use one of the washer or dryer products to add your favorite scent to your clothes.  The next morning you can wake up and do the whole day again with entirely new scents - you don't have to wait until the previous smells are "used up."  Speaking of "used up," did I mention that Scentsy bars last a LONG time?  A single $5.00 bar can last for months, and if you kept a warmer constantly on for days using only a portion of a bar, you would still have the scent lingering through the room.

Sorry for gushing, but as I said at the beginning, I LOVE these products!  Ready to know more?  Check out the catalog and drop me an email if you would like to order, or better yet, host a party!  You don't have to live close to me in Arizona to host a party and you don't even have to have your "guests" gather in a specific place at a particular time.  You can host a "basket party" by using catalogs I provide and taking orders during a defined period of time.  If your "party" has at least $150 in sales (not very hard to do), you will get free shipping to your location and hostess discounts!

Bring beautiful scents into your life with Scentsy.


Please note:  although I am a Scentsy Independent Consultant, I have not been compensated in any way for my endorsement of the Scentsy products in this post.  The post is not sponsored by Scentsy and the opinions expressed are my own.  The images above are copyright protected by Scentsy and have been provided for my use.