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Friday, April 19, 2013

Bloggy Boot Camp Day 2

Another fun day at Bloggy Boot Camp at the Zona Resort in Scottsdale.

9:15 a.m. O.K., I'm late and missed half of the first great presentation on hiring and delegating.  Not that I'm looking to do either, but at the end there was a fascinating discussion about types of people to work with (Strength Finders 2.0 is the book that probably sold out on Amazon after it was mentioned.)

Bloggy Boot Camp Phoenix Busy, busy women ready for the day!  #bbcphx
10:00 a.m. Kerry Gorgone did a presentation on Law for Bloggers. I've been an attorney for 20+ years, but this stuff was exceptional (and frightening).  Very intimidating if you want to work with a sponsor.

11:00 a.m. Kelly Loubet talking about social media specialist jobs. Interesting to know that companies hire people just to do social media for them. I just thought the PIO does this.  She also showed us how amazing she really is, sharing her (insane) schedule to have everything.

Lunch was lovely, but a bit hot on the patio.  Met some really nice women.  Exchanging more business cards.  The cards are so creative!  Some of the better ones:

Kimberly Sneed  A Night Owl Blog who included washi tape on her card to advertise her new blog, The Washi Blog where you can find crafts made from wash tape!  Isn't that clever?

Alli Ward from Stiletto Pumps & Baby Bumps who had a cute little card featuring a baby in giant sunglasses.

Wendy Walker Cushing who featured her beautiful self on both sides of her card (of course with a hat) to advertise her blog Wendy's Hat.  So fun!

On Day One we had YouTube and during the break on Day Two we had Twitter cookies!  Cool.

twitter cookies

The last two presentations I saw were all about SEO optimization and Google+.  These really blew my mind and will take some time to integrate.  The Google+ information was especially helpful (thanks Lynn!).  If you go look at my Google+ profile, bear with me - I'm still working through all the advice and implementing the suggestions.

Unfortunately, I had to leave later in the afternoon and that was disappointing, but I still enjoyed and learned so much during Bloggy Boot Camp.  In fact, my head was reeling with so many ideas and tons of information!  I'm still not sure I was "qualified" to be at this advanced weekend, but this humble blogger was so impressed with the professionalism and drive of all of these hard-working women.  Thanks to Tiffany and Fran (the SITS Girls) for creating this great weekend.

cindy (I'm not worthy!")