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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chance Encounters

I ride the bus to work everyday.  I go to a park and ride to catch the bus.  There is a security guard there who is well into his 70s.  Everyday he comes out of the little guard house and stands on the platform with the commuters as we wait for the bus.  Then he does something that makes my day. As we each board the bus he looks us each in the eye and tells us to have a good day.  It's like having a warm granddad sending you off to school in the morning.  Rain or shine (or more likely searing heat) he's there. On Fridays it's "Have a good weekend."

Don't we all want someone to send us on our way as we begin our day?  Isn't it wonderful to have another person looks us in the eye and speak kindly and directly to us?  I'd like to "pay that forward" to a stranger I see today.  After all, aren't strangers just friends we haven't met yet?

I hope you have a great day!