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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scrapbook Sunday - Superstar

I haven't done a Scrapbook Sunday for a while, mostly because I'm too tired on a Sunday night to put it together.  I swear sometime I'm going to get the pictures done during the day so I have better light.  Oh well, on with the Superstar.

This is a page I did for my guy when he was about 2 (my little dude will be 11 in April).  I like doing pages like this - a single subject without an event.  Sometimes these little opportunities come along.  Christian just found some sunglasses and beads and he just did his thing.

The page was pretty simple because I wanted to keep the focus on the subject and not a bunch of fancy stuff.  I used some paper letters and glued each one on the page.

I love mats.  I have a hard time doing a layout without them, mostly because I cut my pictures in squares or rectangles.  These mats were plain blue on green (to match the background paper).

I also used brads to attach the pictures (can you tell I also like brads?)

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.  I miss those chubby cheeks and how serious he was about everything.  I had (have) the cutest boy!